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And your last video to hit over a million was 17 months ago.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Sammy braddy naked. I actually had to make those videos private because I was getting death threats, which I after watching that disgrace. By the way, you have no room to judge anybody, only God can, so suck on that! Obsessed with the homogay company Apple, this harpie, cross eyed, lich queen has been spreading sexual subliminal propaganda across the YouTube social site for years.

The people who threatened you are immature and have no life. Ijustine nude fakes. They have only convinced themselves that they are… they are under a great delusion. You people on ChristWire think you are as innocent as a rose. I highly doubt you are the same as you were 6 to 10 years ago.

Pastor Bob and I watch a lot of this doing research, trying to protect people from these man-lust makers. Do me a favor and fall down some stairs. Why do you think your viewership has decline so severely since then?

Thanks for doing this AMA, and thanks for doing it well! Seriously, if android had a tweak or app that allowed iMessage to function on a Galaxy S4, id buy one today. Lesbian nun videos. Jeremy Burge, Emoji Historian. God I love it when someone comes to IAmA and being a good sport, being friendly, answering the questions and just getting showered with downvotes because you do not like the person. So all in all your blog is mean,spiteful, and very un-Christian. You can even twitter her here ijustine and let her know you feel her videos are destroying American values.

In Christianity the only one who can judge is God himself correct? I'm here to say you're still ok in my books. Again, you are not a true Christian… you are a poser to make the real ones more hated by the world, who will think all Christians are like you! See more on our comment removals policy here Other: Knowing right from wrong is one thing, but you go beyond doing that.

Nothing but cancer down here. From around the web. How much would you pay for a coffee date with the late Steve Jobs? Sometimes things don't work out with people the way the internet would like it too.

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I am subscribed to so many of my friends and I never even see their videos in my subscription feed. Hot tits cum. Even for someone who has never even heard of Portal, that was beyond the definition of retarded. I just wanted to tell you you're one of my biggest role models.

He made a sandwich in the movie as a snack. They cracked up so hard. No, true Christianity does not teach about the nay or yay of breast sizes.

If others do not wish to listen, or disagree, then a true Christian is to walk away, shake the dust off their shoes from where they stood teaching, and move along, while praying for others, if they are truly concerned for them. Would you ever do a video with her? Things such as dating and just going out? Clarification… regarding your accusation about her being Jewish… I was referring to your stating she was hiding her Jewishness?

If you don't like me, you don't have to watch: Investigations into Russia-backed Facebook ads are ongoing in the US and the UK has asked both Facebook and Twitter to provide information on any evidence of Russian meddling during the Brexit referendum.

What the fuck is with all the hostility? This is the funniest shit ever!!! A little larger than it should be if you hope to land a fine young man. Christ never did that, or acted that way. Ijustine nude fakes. All initial responses to posters must contain a properly punctuated question. They have only convinced themselves that they are… they are under a great delusion. Cara wakelin nude video. I don't even watch iJustine, I think pretty much all vloggers are boring but hey, is it to much to ask to not be a total fucking dick when someone famous comes over here and answers our questions?

I also would like the opportunity to Taft Hartley up and coming actors into the union it's a great feeling. You can even twitter her here ijustine and let her know you feel her videos are destroying American values.

You are a pretty lady. I think this whore should be banned from the internet…she is a foul temptress who will doubtless lead other men to embrace earthly pleasures.

Yeah, I'm shocked at the hate she's receiving. Log in or sign up in seconds. So you were able to register your whole channel under SAG- you don't have to fill out paperwork for every video? I was still able to answer a ton of questions from people who actually had questions and this was a fantastic medium to do: Text instructions Your welcome. Sorry I missed your AMA.

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Come on, so you mean that when you walk down the streets you don't get tons of looks your way?

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